Hee Sook Kim: Hybrid Parallels

by Jonathan Goodman

"Kim’s work is not only a delicate kind of poetry; her attentions do not appear as faded recognitions of an earlier epoch. Instead, she works out patterned abstract elements in her etchings and paintings, which frequently include realistic renderings of animals. These pictures are sharply current. The imagery’s design is straightforwardly direct, forming contemporary abstractions that call attention to the historical legacy of Korean textiles whose muted presence often serves as a ground for the artist’s meticulous presentation. Kim interweaves classical and modernist stances with an ease that is inspiring, leaving her viewers with a sense of interior calm and even joy taken from everyday life. While Kim’s art and imagery do look to the past, she is very much a contemporary artist. Her interest in cultural history anchors images at home both in the past and the present...more"

Let Flowers Speak: New Work by Hee Sook Kim

by Dr. Christopher Shultis

"The new works found in this exhibition are a garden of flowers, an imaginary garden created and cultivated by the artist Hee Sook Kim. Spending time with these works, whether it be a one-on-one encounter with each individual piece or letting the totality of all of them wash over you, in combination producing an almost intoxicating flood of color and sensation, is itself a transformation. Both of the individual materials themselves (flowers as figures abstracted into essences) and in the larger sense of how the artist has created her own garden of the imagination. For in the literal sense these are obviously not "real" flowers. Nor is this a "real" garden...more"

Philadelphia Introductions: Hee Sook Kim 

by Andrea Kirsh

"Hee Sook Kim's current work is part of a conscious turn to a practice of...more"

Hee Sook Kim, Galerie Böhner

by Dr. Helmut Orpel

"Kunstaus der Republik Korea hat im Programm der Galerie Böhner schon lange einenfesten Platz. Wobei es heute generell schwer ist, von der Kunst eines Landes zusprechen, denn Kunst ist heute zu einer internationalen Bewegung geworden undauch Südkorea ist offen für Impulse aus aller Welt...more"


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